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200 Hour Yoga
Teacher Training

50 hrs: Feb 15 - Mar 14
50 hrs: Mar 28 - Apr 15
100 hrs: May 2 - Jul 12

YOGA ONE proudly presents our 200 hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training 2015

Yoga One's Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and internationally respected instructor certification program designed to deepen your understanding of yogic principles in order to cultivate a solid, safe and effective practice as the foundation of skillful teaching. The program emphasizes developing an embodied proficiency in the fundamental physical and theoretical principles of yoga, as well as powerful tools for the skillful application of yogic resources to enhance health and well being for yourself and for your students.

The Yoga One training method is unique and exceptional in that it is not limited to any “style”, nor is it in a “blend” of styles like most programs. Drawing from a wide array of yogic practices in order to customize the practice to the practitioner, our motto is “teaching people, not poses”. In the training, we learn universal principles of alignment and practice, such that graduates of our past trainings now teach everything from Yin and Restorative to Power Vinyasa and Flow with exceptional skill, due to their understanding of the foundational principles that thread through the whole practice.

How will you learn?

During the training each student is given corrective poses, movements and practices tailored to her or his needs, capacities and constitution. During practice sessions we explore many different ways to practice, as well as different intensities of practice, while each practitioner is encouraged to honor the body in the process.

Using Tadasana (Mountain Pose) as our starting point, we study the structure, anatomy, principal actions and bandhas involved, and proceed to apply the insights to every type of yoga pose. The training includes an introduction to pranayama, yogic meditation, mantra, mudra, yoga therapy and posture correction, yogic philosophy and psychology, ethics, history and scriptures, including the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

With exceptional attention devoted to practical training and teaching experience time, Yoga One teacher trainings are designed and proven to produce effective, confident yoga teachers who are ready to teach upon graduation and stand out in the world of yoga.

The Yoga One Yoga Teacher Training Program is registered with Yoga Alliance and provides the most widely recognized yoga teacher certification credentials in the world.

Director of Studies: In the ten years before finding yoga, Shane Davis was an anatomy buff(elbow deep in cadavers), a student of classical piano and a hiking fiend. When he came to yoga he immediately loved the fusion of physical discipline with spiritualpractice, but withlittle knowledge of technique and a high degree of tension in his body, Shane tore pelvic muscles, spending a year in arduous recovery. Through psychosomatic therapy, he unraveled deep webs of emotions that caused so much physical tightness, and healed the wounds of body and mind . After recovery, he serendipitously found teachers that would root him in the foundations of asana, one being Shy Sayar. Finding grounding strength in fundamentals, he learned asana can also be a therapeutic modality in itself. Shane has ventured out into the world of Acrobatic yoga, a practice that requires trust and faith in self and others as a way of deepening connection and relationship. Shane teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Acrobatic yoga as well as teaching in the music and medical fields. He also practices a form of gentle acupressure, similar to what he received during his own recovery.


* Payments and payment plans are a binding contract; you must fulfill all payments, even if you do not complete the training.


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